The Difference Behind Brook & Branch Jewelry

At Brook and Branch, we love jewelry that makes us feel good. Who doesn't?

But there's more to a brand than just the products they sell. And if you're here for the first time, we'd like to introduce you to the Brook and Branch difference.

Artist Designed

Our founder and lead designer, Molly, is an abstract artist. And her experience in the art world brings a unique perspective to each piece in our collections.

Our jewelry shapes and styles are inspired by the world around us - and each one tells a special story. At Brook and Branch, you'll discover fluid lines, architectural elements and even natural stones in ways you've never seen in jewelry before.

Each piece is designed in Austin, TX, by Molly before being brought to life by global metalsmiths, artisans and manufacturers.

Family Focused

From the Brook and Branch logo to our mission of doing good, we value our family. Our logo is a symbolic icon for our founder. Each leaf represents one of her three daughters and the company's three cornerstones, look good, feel good and do good.

The third cornerstone - do good - comes from Molly's grandfather, who lived his life with one philosophy, "Do good things."

At Brook and Branch, we know that being a part of a busy family or managing a career and children isn't easy. But it is rewarding. And we're here to support you on that fulfilling journey!

Invested in Quality

We believe in every woman we serve, and we value her time, money, style and purpose. While sophisticated designs are wonderful, sacrificing quality to produce mass quantities or increase profits is not in our DNA.

Our pieces use Sterling Silver 925 as the base metal, which is one of the finest silvers. Each item is stamped with 925. On items whose size allows, you'll find a Brook & Branch laser marking or hangtag to ensure quality and authenticity.

This quality standard makes us unique in the jewelry industry because 99% of companies use brass or other lower-quality metals as their base. These cheap materials often cause allergic reactions and quickly degrade after just a few uses.

Our gold items have a 14k gold plating fine polish finish and both silver and gold pieces are flash plated with an e-coating to protect from tarnishing and give them a beautiful luster. All of our metals are lead, cadmium and nickel free and our natural gemstones and semi-precious stones are top grade and ethically sourced.

Ethically Minded

With every purchase you make, we give back to support the world around us. Learn more about our philanthropy partner here. But it's not just what we do when a product sells - it's what we do from day one.

Each product is designed in the United States and created around the world. We work exclusively with vendors that support fair working conditions and we only use ethically sourced materials. And while we pride ourselves on delivering a beautifully branded experience, down to the packaging, we focus on minimalistic designs that reflect our values of caring for the environment.

It's our commitment that when you make a purchase with us, you can trust that we're following ethical practices to bring your product to life.

To learn more about our brand, follow us on Instagram or sign up for the Branch Bulletin at the bottom of our home page. We're glad you're here and hope you love what we've created for you!

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