About Us

Our Founder and Lead Designer

Hey Busy Lady-

I'm so glad you're here. I'm a busy woman, just like you. I am a mother to three amazing daughters, an abstract artist and designer, competitive tennis player and the heart behind Brook and Branch. 

I started Brook and Branch to support my life, your life, our life.

The life we manage multiple roles and fight "overwhelm" while striving for perfection. The life where we look calm and collected on the outside, but inside we feel exhaustion and chaos. It can be hard to do it all and still feel worth, appreciated and elegant. I've been there.

As an artist, I am often influenced by the world around me, in particular architecture and nature. It is continually rooted, beautiful and modern, yet timeless. It was there that the inspiration for Brook and Branch began. The idea to create minimalist jewelry and bags derived from organic concepts, materials, and forms found in nature, resulting in designs that are classic and enduring but also modern and on-trend.

Each beautiful collection is designed with a purpose; to serve and honor the amazing woman you are, while valuing your time, money and style. I hope you love what we've created for you.

Our Philosophy

Brook and Branch was built for on-the-go women who juggle all the responsibilities of life and deserve to feel put together, appreciated and beautiful. Each design reflects the values we find in nature, and cherish together - refined sophistication, enduring style and confident ambition. We aspire to bring harmony to our client's life with jewelry designs that balance a hectic schedule with effortless style. 

Our Quality Standards

All of our jewelry designs are made with Sterling Silver 925 as our signature base metal, which is one of the finest and most precious silvers. Sterling Silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% (by weight) of silver and 7.5% of other metals, typically copper. On our pieces, you'll notice a stamping of 925 and a Brook and Branch laser marking or hang tag to ensure quality and authenticity on designs whose size allows.

For gold items, we use a 14K gold plating with a fine polish. Our gold and silver jewelry items are flash plated with an e-coating to protect from tarnishing and to give them a beautiful luster and finish. All of our metals are lead, cadmium, rhodium and nickel free.

Like our metals, our stones are the highest quality, ethically-sourced, natural gemstones and semi-precious stones.